Amazon Lambda – Part 7 – Intermediate .NET 4.6.1 API Secured with [Authorize]

Source Code – (look for commit around the date of the blog post)

Following this process (see reference #1), I was able to secure the .NET 4.6.1 GET API using the [Authorize] decorator very easily (locally).  I will explore other ways to secure Web API’s in the next blog entry before moving onto the Angular JS site addition.

My steps using the above process were as follows:

1) Adding the ‘[Authorize]’ decorator to a method or class restricts access

2) This call registers a user for accessTwo

3) This call retrieves a token for that userThree

4) Using the token, access is grantedFour

5) Same call, but from the .NET Core Service ImplementationFive

NOTE: To replicate something like this on production, a developer would either need to migrate the database created by Visual Studio or migrate the tables/stored procedures into a database that is available.  I believe the local database Visual Studio created for me is in the App_Data folder of the .NET 4.6.1 Web API and is related to the .NET 2.0 Membership provider created by Microsoft in the past (my guess).


Stay tuned!





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