TGIMBA Roadmap and a couple new features

Source code:

This blog entry is going to highlight a codification of The Globe In My Bucket Application (TGIMBA).  More specifically, I have added a couple of new featuers, but I have also formalized things a bit more with a road map.  On this road map, I outline what future versions of TGIMBA will most likely include.  I hope that this will help to focus the many exciting features I want to add into a list as well as help me place an order in which they will be released.  TGIMBA is a fun project for me to not only learn new technologies/algorithms, but to show competence in them.  Plus, it is a really fun hobby 🙂

To see the road map, click on ‘Road Map’ in the footer links of the welcome page.

For this release, I added two new features – a dashboard for the desktop welcome page and a demonstration user.

The dashboard uses google JavaScript charts.  I am not sure if this would be a viable option for a commercial product, but for my purposes, they are a quick way to get some pretty nice charts up quickly.  For more information, please see reference #1.

This is the dashboard I chose:


It  has 4 sections:

  • Total Number of Users


  • Total Number of Bucket List Items by Category


  • Total Number of Bucket List Items by Achieved/Not Achieved


  • Total Number of Bucket List Items by Created Year


One of the issues was keeping the dashboard centered during the resizing of a window. To counter this, I tried an auto-resize event:

<body class=”body” onresize=”location.href=location.href”>

However, this caused issues for the mobile site since this is in the base layout.cshtml.  So, for now, I have removed it.  At some point, I will create a welcome page for the mobile site to use and reinstate this.

The other feature is a demonstration user.  This user allows someone to checkout how TGIMBA works without having to create an account.  The only catch is that you can’t make any changes to the actual list of bucket list items.  The list is a sample list I created for this purpose.  To try out, you can click the link on the welcome page or use ‘demouser’ as the username and ‘demouserPass123’ as the password.


Stay tuned!



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