TGIMBA NodeJS – Part 1

Git Hub Code

NOTE: The API Git repository got scrambled and I had to start over.  The link above is correct.

Due to some changes as work, I am refocusing my energy on NodeJs. To learn this technology, I am going to create an API for The Globe In My Application (TGIMBA) using NodeJS. My hope is that I will have a complete replacement for the existing .NET Web API and WCF services it currently uses. A quick google search revealed a number of tutorials. I ended up choosing one (see reference #2) that walked me through how to locally setup a NodeJS API that also served up pages.


Next, I had to get it out to the web. As I have stated earlier, I love Amazon because how easy their tools are to use. I looked up NodeJS on Amazon’s Elastic Beanstock (their Http service) and I was rewarded with simple instructions and sample projects in NodeJs (see reference #1). There are three sample projects that they provide. Since I have heard so much about express and the tutorial (reference #2) showed how easy it was, I tried using the second AWS template that has express. However, I was not able to get that to work. I downloaded the sample application code that was created as part of the web server I created on AWS and it turns out it is the first type. So, this blog post will deal with that type. Working through the tutorial, I was able to modify the files to have a basic set of routes to be place holders for the existing .NET API.

I deployed the updated code to AWS and was able to get it returning expected place holder string for each route.








My next blog post will deal with getting express working and having my routes look more like they did using the tutorial. Posts after that will deal with security and adding SQL queries to pull the existing system data.

Stay tuned!




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