TGIMBA – Traveling Sales and Permutation Algorithm – Part 1

Source Code – Ever since starting The Globe In My Bucket Application (TGIMBA), I have been anxious to explore algorithms and other cool software widgets.  Well, with this blog entry, I am starting the first of what I hope will be many algorithm releases.  This will be one in a series of blog posts… Continue reading TGIMBA – Traveling Sales and Permutation Algorithm – Part 1

TGIMBA NodeJS – Part 11

Source Code – Commit SHA’s -b81e65eb1f54f4dab69797d7de067b5da0554ad2 -78af8d29e1bc168e7212d11870e42cf767bd37fe On this blog post, I want to demonstrate a couple of things – separate files for routes and updating the Dynamo Db calls to have the arguments in the HTTP call and not embedded in the route method. The ’78af8d29e1bc168e7212d11870e42cf767bd37fe’ commit (done a few days ago) updates the… Continue reading TGIMBA NodeJS – Part 11

TGIMBA NodeJS – Part 10

Source Code – (SHA – 6c88678a8536ca867c710555c68585cb4a3cc705) I have added a basic AWS Dynamo Db implementation for the TGIMBA bucket list item. Methods are refactored somewhat, but based heavily on the samples from AWS (see reference #3). One thing that I was not able to do was to split up the routes.js file into two seperate… Continue reading TGIMBA NodeJS – Part 10