TGIMBA NodeJS – Part 9

Git Hub Code

NOTE: The API Git repository got scrambled and I had to start over.  The link above is correct.

Source Code (Tests) –

I have created what I hope will be the future .NET Core/Node JS version of TGIMBA.  As a start, I have added a test project that will run all of the basic Node API tests based on the API.  There is a .NET Core site added, but it is a shell.

For the Node API to fully replace the .NET one, I have to move even more code into Node.  At this point, I am not completely sure of the Node equivalent for some of the .NET code.  But rest assured, I will uncover it.  My more long term goal (please see the road map for specifics – is to completely move TGIMBA into the .NET Core/Node JS world and independent of its current .NET 4.6X/MVC wrappers.

I am guessing it will be a year or two and the change will happen in several small steps.  I still want to work through all of the algorithm changes I have listed in the road map (and probably some more).

Stay tuned!


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