TGIMBA is getting automated!

Git Hub Code

NOTE: The API Git repository got scrambled and I had to start over.  The link above is correct.

I apologize for being absent, but work and other priorities have been keeping me busy.  That said, I am getting back to TGIMBA!  There are a ton of things I want to update and change, but I want to start with a firm foundation.  To that end, I have created the first of three Continuous Deployment Continuous Integration (CDCI) pipelines for the TGIMBA system.  The current system consists of an Android Application, HTML 5/JavaScript website, a .NET WCF/Web API backend and a SQL Server database.

This pipeline is for a TypeScript Node JS API I created a while back.   My long term plan is to ‘break’ the API Backend up a bit.  More specifically, the HTML 5/JavaScript website will go through the WCF/Web API which will access the SQL Server Database with the TypeScript Node JS API.  The Android Application will use the TypeScript Node JS directly.  I want to try this because I really had to hack the Android Application to work with the WCF/Web API.  In the more distant future, the IOS Application will also use the TypeScript Node JS API.

The AWS CodePipeline is pretty easy to use out of the box.  The one I created here pulls from github, builds it using AWS CodeBuild and then deploys it to a staging AWS Elastic BeanStalk.


I opted for a staging environment because I plan to add a production environment once I am ready to have TGIMBA start using it.


The most difficult part of this was knowing how to construct the build artifacts.  To that end, it requires a buildspec.yml.  Mine looks like this:


Stay Tuned!



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