TGIMBA .NET Core Upgrade – Part 3 – API Code Integration Test Complete

NOTICE: The TGIMBA git hub repository has been corrupted and I had to start over.  The link to the repository is here -> Git  Code Commit

Just like the Data Access Layer (DAL) posts, this will be a short blog entry.  This multi-part series is documenting the process/progress of updating TGIMBA from its ‘classic’ .NET 4.X upbringing to its .NET ‘Core’ adult-hood.  When I first started this, I was expecting there to be a lot more ‘uhhh…where did that library go?’ moments.  With the caveat that I haven’t started the ‘Angularization’ of the current JQuery front-end and there may be some surprises yet in store, I have been impressed how easy the transition has been.  Perhaps I missed a lot of pain of sitting the .NET Core 1 transition (not on purpose), but I was expecting a lot more breaking changes.

For example, making the transition to Store Apps was kind painful.  A lot of the libraries were completely different.  I hope more .NET Core changes to come follow the same model.

In this blog post, I chose to replicate the same strategy I used for DAL tests and just write integration tests.  I am anticipating a lot of this code to be gone once I plug in the TGIMBA Node JavaScript API.  I added three tests – testing the demonstration user, the dashboard and an integration test to go through the basic functions the API code handles.


  • Integration Test Class


  • Running the tests.


On to Angular – Stay tuned!


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