TGIMBA .NET Core Upgrade – Part 7.6 – Quick Deploy

After completing the last blog post, I started digging into how to deploy a .NET Core application.  In the previous version, I would either just copy the web folder up to the server and it would run if I had to do it quickly.  Using the AWS Code Pipeline  deployment process used something similar.  However, it looks like the deployment structure of the .NET Core applications is a bit different 🙂

Just like the old faithful web.config is gone as I learned in the Full Stack Developer blog posts, things are always changing.  I noticed that the ‘Publish’ option was still part of the right-click options on the Visual Studio .NET Core project.  Clicking through this I discovered a Folder Profile option.  Running it, I encountered a web pack build error that apparently is a configuration issue I still need to figure out.  But, I found a link (references) that allows you to publish without setting up the Environments.

Unloading the .NET Core project and editing the .csproj file as the author suggests allowed me to build and deploy.  This allowed me to get the .NET Core Model View Controller (MVC) only section out (i.e. Dashboard).  Experimenting, I tried loading the Angular 4 section produced an error stating that the development environment should not run on production (which makes sense).  So, I reverted this and throw back up the static Hyper Text Markup Language (HTML) page.  I need to setup up the production environment.

Stay tuned!



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