TGIMBA .NET Core API – The New API and Service Layers – Part 2 – User Methods

Git  Code Commit (all commits between last post and this commit (link))

So to continue The Globe In My BucketList Application (TGIMBA) Application Programmatic Interface (API)/Service post series, part 2 is the user methods – ProcessUser(args) and ProcessUserRegistration(args).


ProcessUser(args) handles logging a user in by returning a token that lasts for a period of time.


ProcessUserRegistration(args) registers a new user and returns true or false depending on if the registration is successful.


The basic process for each method from the previous version didn’t change a lot, but this time I added tests 🙂



  • Something I have not done before with MS Test is running one test with multiple versions of the parameters. I had seen this in xUnit as a ‘Theory’.  Some digging revealed the MS Test eqivalent is to use the ‘[DataTestMethod]’ decorator.


  • Get Salt – Found an upgrade (I think) to the previous implementation I used.  Namely ‘saltGen.GetNonZeroBytes(buffer);’.


The next and final post of the API/Service upgrade will the bucket list related ones.

Stay tuned!



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